“Foreign Sounds Become Familiar” by Melanie Hendrick, @ll rights reserved

Hello, Hola, Guten Tag, Buon Giorno, Bonjour,

This is Language Complete’s Blog for the week of March 12, 2012.  It is a poem written by the Owner, Melanie Hendrick, @all rights reserved

Feliz Día de San Patricio as well.  (Pronounced, Fay-leeze Dee-uh Day Sahn Pah-tree-c-oh)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  Well, almost.


For “Hello,” the Italians say “Buon giorno,”

The French utter, “Au revoir,” which means “Good-bye.”

Now did you know, “Hola” signifies “Hello” or “Hi?”

And if you visit Germany, “Tschuess” is the informal for “Good-bye.”

Why do I need to speak these foreign phrases you might ask yourself?

For Pete’s sake, if I ever need them, they’re in a book upon the library shelf.

But have you ever asked yourself what makes this world go round?

A smile may be international but world peace may come when you repeat someone else’s sound.

So learn a foreign language no matter what you do,

And when you are fluent, remember good things will come to you.

A job abroad, new friends or a higher score on a standardized test,

And remember when the benefits unfold, you’ll be a head above the rest.

Tengan buen fin de semana. Have a nice weekend.








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