Welcome to Language Complete, the company which stimulates your passion for language.

We teach English as a Second Language, Spanish, French, German, and Italian to people of all ages through on-premises classes and private tutoring. We bring our lessons to daycare facilities, private homes, and corporations in the greater Detroit area, and we also offer them through the web. We offer traveling Spanish and ESL teaching services to adults and children. Translation services are also available to or from these languages. Click below to find out more.

“I’m learning Spanish and I love it.  I’ve always wanted to be able to have a conversation with the people I meet when traveling to Spanish-speaking countries and Language Complete is giving me just that.  I am learning to read, write and speak a second language in a relaxed, friendly environment with other adults. The best.”   – Candace Usher

Language Classes. Spanish, French, German, and Italian classes are available on our premises or at your location. Children or adults. Find out more.English as a Second Language. Classes are offered every 15 weeks.  Classes are 1.5 hours long, at your location or ours. Book is chosen when we meet.   Find out more.
Tutoring.  Private and group tutoring. Both private and group tutoring sessions are available. Private Spanish and English lessons are $45.00 an hour at your location and $40.00 per hour at our location. Find out more.Translation Services.  Available in Spanish to English and English into Spanish. Prices vary according to the job but can be arranged on a local, national and international level. Find out more.